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A Heart For Animals is a foster-based rescue now with an in-house pet adoption center at the Dundee Petco. Our rescue saves animals from kill shelters to give them a second chance at life.

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Will You Help Mack? His story is sure to pull at your did ours!

We found out about Mack from a kill shelter in OH.  They had sent an email pleading for help for this sweet, 6 month old boy with a broken leg.  He had been taken away from the owner due to the abuse.  The 'reason' for his broken leg was that he tripped the owner in a stream and so the owner threw him against a wall, breaking his leg. After reading his story, we knew we had to help.
Mack came to us via transport a few days after we received the email.  The email had mentioned that he had a broken leg, due to abuse from his past owner.  But we didn't know the extent of the abuse until he came into rescue.
Mack went immediately from transport to our vet.  Upon extensive testing, it was determined that yes, the leg that was currently in a cast did have a pretty bad break, but it also had a past break that had healed already.  So this means that this leg was broken once before!   At this point, we weren't sure if the leg would need to be amputated, needed surgery or if he would be ever able to use the leg. 
Further testing showed that his other back leg had also been broken in the past and had healed.  
We can not believe how someone could do this to another living being.  A 6 month old puppy with 3 breaks?   
Mack has a long road of recovery ahead of him.  He has to go to the vet every 2 weeks to be sedated, have xrays taken and have a new cast put on.  This cost is at least $200 each time.  He currently is battling a skin infection on his broken leg and is not putting any weight on the leg.  We are hoping the leg will be operational and extensive therapy may be needed.  

Our vet is hopeful that the leg can be saved and that he will be able to run like other puppies do.  The name Mack, was given to him by his foster Mom, Judee, because he has been through so much but this boy is strong like a Mack Truck.  He WILL get through this.  We are in awe of him that even after the abuse from a person that he should have been able to love and trust, Mack is a happy, loving boy.  
Please help us be able to continue to give Mack the medical care he so desperately needs and deserves.  Any amount is appreciated and no amount is too small.
Thank you for your help!!

Since 2012, we are on our way to saving 2,000 cats and dogs. AHFA has helped place animals with special medical needs in forever homes where they are happy and healthy. Among the pets we've rescued are abandoned older pets who are now able to live out their golden years with a loving family. To help us continue our rescue efforts, please consider adopting, fostering and donating.

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