A Heart For Animals is a no-kill, non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue. We are foster based and believe that all animals deserve a chance to have a loving, forever home.

Our organization is dedicated to helping our youth understand how to properly care for their pets and we offer service hours for high school students who volunteer to help our programs. Engaging teens to learn how to be responsible and care for pets pays it forward to future pet owners. Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about these programs.

In addition, we are a volunteer-only organization and rely on the commitment and skills of our volunteers to carry out our mission. Please consider volunteering or fostering to help us save as many lives as possible.


Your financial support pays for food, veterinary care, and training for our foster pets.  Donations go directly to the care of our pets.


Who We Are

You will help our pets with special medical needs receive the care and treatment they deserve.

Your help saves pets that would otherwise die in kill shelters.

Jake was in a kill shelter in southern Illinois before AHFA became aware of him and was able to place him in a foster home. In that home, he was able to recuperate from his ailments and injuries: stage 2 heartworm, a serious cough, calloused paws, and failing eyesight and hearing. His foster parents soon decided they were unable to part with him and adopted him, and being in a loving home greatly improved Jake's health and happiness. His cough disappeared, his color returned, and his eyesight improved a bit. Thanks to AHFA, this 11 year old beagle was given a second chance at a happy life! 

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