Annie is the mother of three kittens that were recently adopted through our rescue. When we took her in, we discovered issues in her left eye that are in desperate need of treatment. She needs numerous visits to the eye specialist in order for us to properly diagnose what her medical needs are.

We have already spent $800 on Annie's eye care, and each additional visit to the specialist is $300. Please help us treat Mama Annie by donating to her GoFundMe so she can live a life as happy and fulfilling as her kittens!

A Heart For Animals is a foster-based rescue now with an in-house pet adoption center at the Dundee Petco. Our rescue saves animals from kill shelters to give them a second chance at life.


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These three kittens came into our rescue in early July, and we soon discovered that all three have pressing eye issues that need to be treated. Max, the black kitten, has the most severe issues, and it is unclear whether his left eye can be saved. We are currently waiting to find out the future of these kittens' eyes and the treatment they will need to live comfortable and happy lives. Unfortunately, we are struggling to help provide them with the care they desperately need. To date, around $1000 has been spent on vet visits alone. Each visit to the specialist is approximately $400, with pending visits in the future. Please consider donating to our GoFundMe to help this young kittens; at eight weeks old, they deserve a chance at long and happy lives!

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Our rescue pulled Riley from a local pound in February 2017. We weren't expecting anything out of the ordinary, but soon discovered that Riley had medical issues in need of treatment. Our rescue has almost $2500 worth of expenses for Riley that we are struggling to pay. Because she needs ongoing heart worm treatment, we will surpass this amount easily. We are also selling concrete lawn paw prints to help raise money for Riley's medical fund. Please consider donating do help this sweet girl get better.

AHFA has partnered with two animal rescue transports to save animals in overburdened shelters as a result of Hurricane Harvey. As a result of the flooding and devastation of Harvey, animals have been displaced and end up in shelters. Many of these animals would otherwise be euthanized for space without our help.

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe to help support the medical expenses of these transport animals. Additionally, donations of supplies would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us to adopt, volunteer, and donate!

Hurricane Harvey Animals

Meesha, Max, and Stinker

Since 2012, we have saved over 1,500 cats and dogs. AHFA has helped place animals with special medical needs in forever homes where they are happy and healthy. Among the pets we've rescued are abandoned older pets who are now able to live out their golden years with a loving family. To help us continue our rescue efforts, please consider adopting, fostering and donating.

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