Maggie is a senior dog we saved from a kill shelter, where she was sent after being hit by a car. She is emaciated and needs a number of services to help manage her pain, including a chiropractor and medication. Please help Maggie live a peaceful and comfortable final few years and donate towards her treatment here

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After undergoing months of physical therapy, Niblette is using her back legs but will eventually need amputation surgery to remove the bottom half of her back legs; her paws will be attached to the elbow joint so she has use of the legs. Her story is one of a fighter that has successfully overcome adversity.

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Niblette was found in an alley in Chicago. Not only was she tiny and under-weight, but the back half of her body was paralyzed. She had no use of her back legs. Fearing that she would be euthanized due to her condition, A Heart for Animals took her into the rescue. After evaluation, extensive physical therapy was recommended and potential amputation.



Since 2012, we have saved over 1,000 cats and dogs. AHFA has helped place animals with special medical needs in forever homes where they are happy and healthy. Among the pets we've rescued are abandoned older pets who are now able to live out their golden years with a loving family. To help us continue our rescue efforts, please consider donating!

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A Heart For Animals is a foster-based rescue that saves animals from kill shelters to give them a second chance at life.